মুখ্য Awakening the Third Eye

Awakening the Third Eye

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A step by step method to awaken the third eye and engage spiritual vision. A manual packed with practical information and techniques on clairvoyance, dowsing land energies, psychic sleep, perceiving acupuncture meridians, psychic protection and grounding. The book also presents a number of fundamental principles of the Clairvision work.
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Mike patterson
Intresting book, pretty good book.
The man is not just writing on paper to fill pages
01 October 2020 (02:19) 

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Magic and Mystery in Tibet

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Awakening the Third Eye
Third Edition

Samuel Sagan, M.D.


Copyright © Samuel Sagan 1992, 1997, 2007.
Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of review or research
as permitted under the Copyright Act, no part of this book
maybe be reproduced by any process without written permission.
Clairvision is a registered trademark of Clairvision School Ltd.

Table of Contents

A systematic method

Chapter 1 – Principles and Method of the Work

Do not force, do not concentrate, just be aware
No creative visualisation, no imagination, just awareness
Trust your experience
Don't analyse during an experience
Psychic protection
Practise, practise, practise...
Why delay?
Play with the techniques
Remain relative

Chapter 2 – The Mysteries of the Larynx

Throat friction
Purposes and effects of the throat friction
The mysteries of the larynx
Humming sound and the magic of bees

Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
3.1 What is the third eye?
3.2 First opening
3.3 Various experiences
3.4 Experiential references
3.5 If you are not feeling any vibration at all
3.6 More about the third eye
3.7 Third eye meditation
3.8 More humming/buzzing
3.9 How to organize your practice
3.10 The mysteries of the space

Chapter 4 – Channel Release: Let It Flow!
4.1 Channel release
4.2 Connected shaking

Table of Contents
4.3 Connected rubbing
4.4 Vibration = etheric
4.5 General advice concerning the work on the meridians
4.6 Shou jue yin, ‘Heart Constrictor Meridian’
4.7 Shou shao yin, ‘Heart Meridian’
4.8 Shou tai yin, ‘Lung Meridian’
4.9 More details on the paths of the meridians
4.10 The different levels of perception of energy circulations
4.11 Practice
4.12 Releasing negative energies

Chapter 5 – Seeing
5.1 The path of the seers
5.2 Concerning the practices of eye contact
5.3 Reconnection with the space
5.4 Eye contact with focus in the eye and ‘seeingness’
5.5 To end any practice of eye contact
5.6 To blink or not to blink
5.7 A few common experience; s while practising eye contact
5.8 What to do with your experiences
5.9 Watching the graspings of the mind
5.10 Grasping is the nature of the mind
5.11 Which state of perception is the altered one?
5.12 Atlantean climax
5.13 Eye contact, full technique: the triple process of vision,
including the vision of the heart

Chapter 6 – Channel Release 2
6.1 The work on the etheric body
6.2 Zu shao yang, ‘Gallbladder’ Meridian
6.3 The full technique of channel release on a meridian
6.4 Variation without rubbing
6.5 The sound of the vibration
6.6 Zu tai yang, ‘Urinary Bladder’ Meridian
6.7 The cosmos in your hands
6.8 Gestures of energy
6.9 The energy between your hands
6.10 Cosmic antenna
6.11 Ribcage practice
6.12 Zu yang ming, ‘Stomach’ Meridian

Table of Contents
6.13 Jnāna-mudrā and the energy in the lungs

Chapter 7 – Seeing (2)
7.1 The use of darkness
7.2 Use more candles and oil lamps, less electricity
7.3 In quest of the ultimate wall rendering
7.4 The white shawl
7.5 The basic technique for seeing an aura
7.6 Where exactly should you look while doing eye contact?
7.7 Channel release from time to time
7.8 Working on auras
7.9 Aura testing
7.10 Vata, pitta, kapha
7.11 Trans-verbal communication
7.12 More about seeingness
7.13 Intermezzo: which eye are you?
7.14 The yes/yes technique

Chapter 8 – Practices on the Etheric Body
8.1 The etheric layer as a whole
8.2 The life ether
8.3 Exploring different qualities of the etheric
8.4 Exploring the limits
8.5 Exploring the circulations of the etheric
8.6 The etheric vibration outside your body
8.7 Vibration meals
8.8 The vibration in your bath
8.9 Etheric excretion at the end of a bath
8.10 Loo practice
8.11 Releasing into the earth
8.12 Tree hugging
8.13 Crying
8.14 Sucking the citrus
8.15 Yawning
8.16 The right side of the ring
8.17 A note about wrist watches

Chapter 9 – Awareness
9.1 Centredness through vigilance in the eye
9.2 Inner alchemy

Table of Contents
9.3 Permanence in the eye
9.4 The harvest of permanence
9.5 Practice
9.6 Practice
9.7 Practice
9.8 Test
9.9 Intermezzo: changes in vision
9.10 The eye-heart awareness
9.11 When to start?

Chapter 10 – A Few Experiences on the Way
10.1 Tingling in various body parts
10.2 Let things come and go
10.3 If a meditation experience becomes too intense...
10.4 Feeling vibration higher up than between the eyebrows
10.5 Feeling heat
10.6 The breath stops
10.7 The pressure in the eye becomes uncomfortable
10.8 Controlling headaches
10.9 Other possible causes of headaches
10.10 Dizziness
10.11 Getting fed-up or emotional
10.12 Hearing sounds
10.13 When there is no energy, the energy is somewhere else!
10.14 After sattva: tamas. To fight tamas: rajas.

Chapter 11 – The Art of Tuning In

Tuning in
Drinking colours
Flowers, plants and elemental beings
Fighting mental rigidity
Sexually-related feelings
You are what you eat
A few suggestions on how to communicate with angels

Chapter 12 – Ley Lines, Earth Lines and Energy Wells
12.1 The first reflex whenever you hear cancer
12.2 Commonly observed facts about the lines

Table of Contents
12.3 Ley lines and earth lines
12.4 What are these lines?
12.5 Energy wells
12.6 Lines and spiritual practice
12.7 Dowsing the lines: the gear
12.8 Learning the eye-belly attitude for dowsing
12.9 Dowsing technique
12.10 Dowsing the lines: do's and don'ts
12.11 The belly signal
12.12 Feeling the lines without rods
12.13 Seeing the lines
12.14 The aura of the dowser
12.15 Diagnosing geopathic stress
12.16 Finding energy wells
12.17 Can one neutralise noxious earth lines?
12.18 A geography of enlightenment

Chapter 13 – Night Practice 1: Theoretical Aspects

Critical times
Initiatory death and the mystery of the threshold
Sleep and subtle bodies
Angels and the chiselling of the organs of clairvoyance
Night practice and the etheric body
Night practice and awareness in the eye (1)
Third eye flaring – a possible experience
Night practice and awareness in the eye (2)
Allow enough normal sleep

Chapter 14 – Night Practice 2: Instructions for the
14.1 If you are reading the instructions for friends
14.2 If you do not have much time

Chapter 15 – Night Practice 3: The Whys and Hows of
the Technique

Phase 1: exhaling
Phase 2a: circulating in the body parts
Phase 2b: awareness and seeingness of the organs
Phase 3: awareness of the breath and countdowns

Table of Contents
15.6 Phase 3c: vibration in the nose while inhaling
15.7 Phase 4
15.8 Phase 5: recalling the images of the day
15.9 Phase 6: spontaneous images
15.10 Experiences during night practice
15.11 Taking the night at both ends
15.12 Morning sharing
15.13 A symbol used as a bridge
15.14 Keep recalling your dreams across the buffer zone
15.15 Use the memory of the third eye
15.16 If you can never remember anything
15.17 Variation for acupuncturists

Chapter 16 – Complementary Techniques

The use of rhythms
Fasting for openings
Proper management of sexual energies
Moxas on bai hui (Governor 20)
Pony tail
Blind walking

Chapter 17 – Protection
Protection level 1: Reinforcing the structure
17.1 Simple things first
17.2 Get enough sleep and rest
17.3 The right diet
17.4 The right physical exercise
17.5 Be happy!
17.6 Alcohol and spiritual work – a dangerous mixture
Protection level 2: Correct management of energies
17.7 Choose your colours
17.8 Find your spot
17.9 How to purify a room
17.10 Work in harmony with the Moon cycle
17.11 Frequent use of running water
17.12 Releasing energies into the elements

Table of Contents

Chapter 18 – Protection: Sealing the Aura (1)

The fight or flight reaction
Sealing the aura: why and when
Opening and closing the aura, introductory practice
Protection through being in the eye
The will centre
Eye-belly awareness
Walking from the belly
Stimulating the fire

Chapter 19 – Baby Work

The aura of a pregnant woman
The aura of a newborn baby
Babies are very aware in their eye
Watching baby fall asleep
Your baby as a meditation teacher
A few words to the travellers
How long does it last?
The fabulous babies

Chapter 20 – Protection: Sealing the Aura (2)
20.1 Where are you speaking from?
20.2 Speaking from different levels
20.3 What if you have to display authority?
20.4 The eye-belly power
20.5 Inhaling/exhaling
20.6 Closing the aura through deep exhalation
20.7 Drawing energy in and out
20.8 Exhaling when facing a crowd
20.9 The same protection using normal breathing
20.10 Sealing the aura
20.11 Practice
20.12 What if nothing works?
20.13 Permanent awareness in the will centre
20.14 Continual abdominal breathing
20.15 Stambhāsana
20.16 Practice

Chapter 21 – There Is No Real Protection But the Power
of Truth

Table of Contents
21.1 Power of Truth

Chapter 22 – Glimpses of What Comes Next

ISIS, the Clairvision techniques of regression
The vision of thought forms
The transformation of thinking
The quest for the Grail

Appendix 1: Paths of the Meridians
Gallbladder, Urinary Bladder, and Stomach Meridians



A systematic method
The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine
eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
This book describes a systematic process to open the third eye.
It has been written for those who cannot be satisfied with only an
intellectual understanding of spiritual realities and who wish to
gain access to direct experience.
The development of spiritual vision requires the patient building
of some new ‘organs’ of energy, of which the third eye is an
essential member. These new structures are not physical,
nevertheless they are very real and tangible. Once fully developed,
the perceptions coming through them appear clearer, sharper and
far more substantial than those coming from the physical senses.
A number of techniques will be described which aim at a
methodical cultivation of this new form of perception.
Our approach always emphasizes the superiority of experience over
mental concepts, of first-hand knowledge over belief. Truly, it is
not what you presume or accept as true that will bring about a
spiritual regeneration but what you experience directly. Therefore,
the reader is not asked to believe what is written here but to
practise the exercises.
No former spiritual training or background is expected before
starting the practices. I suggest that you temporarily forget all
you know so that you can engage in the techniques with fresh
awareness. Having shared this knowledge with hundreds of
students in the courses run by the Clairvision School in Sydney, I
know that it is not always those who have meditated for years
who enter the field of perception most easily. To some, spiritual
knowledge gives wings and provides keys to open all the doors; but
to others it is more like chains preventing them from absorbing
anything new. The more you are able to drop any preconceived
ideas, the easier it will be to ‘see’.
It should be clearly understood that our aim is not to develop the
blurry atavistic clairvoyance of trance-medium psychics but to


step towards the vision of the Self. Even though several extrasensory perceptions will arise as you practise the techniques, the
purpose is clearly to find the Self and to learn to see the world
from the Self instead of seeing it from your usual mental
This book should be taken as an introduction, a first thread,
towards a completely different mode of perception and thinking.
It has been written to serve the vast number of human beings who
are presently ready to connect with spiritual realities and to step
into a new form of consciousness. The techniques it offers are
designed for people who are part of the world. They do not invite
you to withdraw from your daily activities but to start
performing them with a different awareness and a new vision,
thereby implementing the line of Proverbs 3:6: “In all your ways
know Him”, said by the Talmud to contain the entire essence of
the Torah.
After saying these words it may be important to state that the
Clairvision School is not a ‘New Age’ organisation. Its methods and
techniques are based on quite different principles from those
usually found in the New Age movement. In particular at no time
do the Clairvision techniques use any channelling, creative
imagination or positive affirmations. No hypnosis or
autosuggestion is used either. The techniques of the Clairvision
School are based on a direct awakening of the body of energy, and
the philosophy and background of the school are to be found in
the western tradition of esoteric knowledge. If you happen to
experience intense openings and realisations while putting our
techniques into practice, it is quite possible that you too have a
connection with this tradition. In particular it is expected that
many will have clear awakenings in the third eye while reading
the book.
Awakening the Third Eye is one of the introductory books to the
Clairvision Corpus, the body of knowledge which is the
background of the Clairvision School. The Clairvision Corpus
contains both experiential and theoretical knowledge in the field
of consciousness and the mysteries of human nature, with a special
focus on transformation and inner alchemy. Alchemy can be
defined as the art of raising the level of vibration of matter.
Inner alchemy therefore refers to a form of spiritual development
in which the ultimate purpose is not to abandon any connection


with the manifested creation and dissolve oneself, but to build up
a vehicle in which the fullness of the Self can be experienced
permanently, even while living in the physical world. This body of
immortality corresponds to what the Christian tradition has called
the glorious body and to the paramam vapuḥ of the Upanishads. It
is similar in many ways, if not identical, to the lapis
philosophorum or philosophers’ stone of the alchemists, and to the
Grail, heart of the western esoteric tradition.
Awakening the Third Eye lays the foundations for an experiential
approach to a work of inner alchemy. Many of the techniques
given in the beginning are not to be regarded as ‘alchemical’ in a
strict sense, but as a necessary preparation without which the
more advanced phases of the work would not make any sense.
Rather than first developing theoretical aspects at length,
indications will gradually be given throughout this book and the
following ones to clarify the purposes and principles of a work of
inner alchemy. The nature of our topic will also provide ample
opportunities to develop various aspects related to subtle bodies.
Clairvision School


Chapter 1 – Principles and Method of the Work

1.1 Do not force, do not concentrate, just be aware
Any authentic spiritual work has finding the Self as a primary
aim, and the Clairvision techniques are no exception. The essential
purpose of the process is to ‘be more’. It is common to hear that
human beings are only using a small fraction of their potential.
Their lives are confined within a limited range of thoughts,
emotions, sensations and other modalities of conscious existence,
and yet in most cases they remain completely unaware of these
limitations. Plato's myth of the cave, even though formulated 24
centuries ago, remains perfectly relevant: if you have always lived
inside a dark cellar, to you this cellar is not a cellar, it is the
whole universe. You can't even conceive of the wonder waiting for
you if you were to step out and walk in the real world. The work
suggested in this book is all about stepping out of the cellar and
starting to behold the magnificence of the world as seen from the
third eye.
In India, the coconut is considered to be of deep symbolic
significance and is used in fire rituals (yajñās) because it has ‘three
eyes’. Two of these are ‘blind’, meaning they can't be pierced to
reach the milk, while the third one, in the middle, opens to the
inside of the fruit. Similarly, the third eye is fundamentally the
gate that leads to the inner worlds. Therefore this eye allows you
to know yourself to a depth that surpasses all conventional
methods of psychotherapy or any method based on analysing with
the discursive mind.
Developing the third eye is a direct way of expanding your
conscious universe and discovering your essential values, so that
you may fathom your own mystery. Moreover, it is simple. Simple
does not necessarily mean easy, but this work does not require
complicated theories or lengthy discussions. Its direction is
essentially experiential, for the purpose is clearly to be more. And
being is the most simple thing in the world. A constant
preoccupation while writing this manual was to relate theory to
experience and to give techniques and keys to enable you to
perceive for yourself.


Chapter 1 – Principles and Method of the Work
The first three chapters are devoted to getting into the main
aspects of the practice. The remaining chapters are more or less
independent of each other, so that it is quite possible to read them
in the order that feels most natural to you.
Before starting the first technique let us give some basic advice
regarding the principles and method of the work.
You should not be confused by the fact that our purpose is a new
clairvoyance, or vision of the Self. Truly, the Self is already there,
waiting for you in the background of yourself. You are not going
to ‘build’ the Self and its vision, you are going to reveal them or
rather allow them to reveal themselves. Spiritual development is
certainly a fight, but the main weapon in this fight is letting go.
In this perspective of opening it is not appropriate to concentrate,
to try hard or to force. If you were to do so, what would happen?
You would operate from your ordinary mind, meaning that
fraction of yourself with which you presently think – the
discursive mind that goes on talking in your head all the time. You
have been conditioned from an early age to do everything from
the mind. Therefore if you try to ‘do’ the perception business, you
are likely to remain caught in your talking mind – a layer which
is notoriously unfit for any form of spiritual perception.
Stop doing. Be fully aware, but just aware. Allow what is hidden in
the depths to come through and be revealed to your consciousness.
Don't do anything, let things happen. Flow with what comes.
In the physical world when you want something you have to strive
for it. But in the spiritual worlds everything is reversed, as on the
other side of a mirror. If you want something you have to let it
come to you. It is a new skill which has to be developed. It could be
called ‘active letting go’ or ‘creative letting go’. It is the capacity to
be transparent and to let states of consciousness be revealed
through you.
Just be aware, and everything will happen.

1.2 No creative visualisation, no imagination, just
In the context of the Clairvision techniques it is advised that you
never try to visualise or imagine anything. If images, lights,
spiritual beings or anything else comes to your vision, that is fine.
But don't make them up, don't try to induce them. Do not actively
visualise any pattern into your field of consciousness.


Chapter 1 – Principles and Method of the Work
One of the reasons is: suppose an angel comes to you, truly. If you
have been trying to visualise angels every morning for a few
months how will you know whether it is a true angel or one that
you have made up.
The problem is not to get into the perception of images or lights.
If you put the techniques into practice, visions will come. The real
problem is, once these visions come to you, how to discern what is
real from what is a fancy of the mind. So the advice is: be
spontaneous! Never plan or try to attract a vision. Just practise
the techniques and then see what comes. This will make it much
easier to reach the stage where you can rely on your vision.
This approach should not be understood as a criticism of the paths
that use creative visualisation or imagination. There are many
ways. What is true in the context of one particular system of
development does not necessarily apply to others. In the Clairvision
style of work the motto is “just awareness”.

1.3 Trust your experience
Something good to remember is that when there is nothing to
believe, there is nothing to doubt either! Since you are not trying
to make anything up, don't waste your time worrying about
whether you are really seeing what you are seeing. Trust your
Keep on practising according to our sober principles and your
clairvoyance will flourish, growing in precision and reliability. As
perceptions start repeating themselves it will become easier and
easier to trust them.

1.4 Don't analyse during an experience
Do not try to analyse as soon as something happens. Otherwise you
will lose your perception immediately, because you will be caught
straight back into the discursive mind. One of the keys to
perception lies in the cultivation of a superior form of stillness,
the capacity not to react when something takes place inside.
Once the experience is over you will have plenty of time to analyse
it. Anyway, it is not necessarily by analysing or discussing an
experience that you will derive the most benefit from it.
Experiences of consciousness are like seeds. It is when you ponder
on them silently, and digest them, that they will mature into
greater realisations.


Chapter 1 – Principles and Method of the Work

1.5 Psychic protection
Ordinarily, most people are psychically unprotected, for two main
reasons. Firstly they are not able to see when a negative energy is
around them and when caution is required. Secondly they have not
been trained to seal their aura to make it impermeable to external
influences if needed.
Being the organ of subtle perception and intuition and the main
switch of the body of energy, the third eye offers true answers
to these two problems.
Firstly it allows you to detect when your energetic environment is
such that prudence is needed.
Secondly it should be clear that our method does not only teach
you how to open your eye but also how to close your aura. From
the very first techniques the vibration in the third eye will begin
to awaken a higher density of protective energy in your aura. This
is not based on positive imagination or autosuggestion but on the
tangible perception of a vibrating energy all around you. Not only
during meditation will you be able to awaken this protective
energy but also in the most varied situations of your daily life,
such as taking a bus, walking in a busy street or dealing with your
boss or employees.
More systematic methods of sealing the aura will be developed at
length in Chapters 17, 18, 20 and 21 on protection. The capacity to
detect ley lines (Chapter 12) will also be of great help in
establishing a sound protective environment.

1.6 Practise, practise, practise...
I don't think much will be gained just by reading the 22 chapters
of this book. Whether you are young or old, healthy or sick, the
key to success in your spiritual quest lies in three words: practise,
practise, practise... It is certainly not necessary to withdraw from
activity and meditate all the time in order to reach a high level of
spiritual practice. You can follow this book without devoting more
than ten to twenty minutes daily to meditation exercises. But a
number of practices will be suggested that are designed to be
implemented during your daily activities. Try to make them
habits, and to incorporate this work as much as possible in your
natural way of life.
After exploring many different ways of self-transformation one
often comes to the conclusion that it is not so much the method
or the style of work that matters, as far as realisation is


Chapter 1 – Principles and Method of the Work
concerned. What makes all the difference is your capacity to
persist along a path. Looking at the lives of a number of great
masters, one discovers that they did not necessarily start at a high
level. Sometimes they had to face far greater obstacles than those
you may find on your way. But they persisted, persisted,
persisted... to the point where no obstacle could resist and huge
enlightenments opened to them. ‘Supernatural persistence’ is one
of the most essential qualities a seeker can develop. The people who
seem to get into high states of consciousness without having to go
through any spiritual discipline are usually people who have gone
through long and intense processes in their former lives.
Whatever level you may be at, it is by constant attention to all the
aspects of the practice that success will come to you.
“Those who say they will die first and then rise are in error. If
they do not first receive the resurrection while they live, when
they die they will receive nothing.” ( The Gospel of Philip ,
Tranlated by Wesley W. Isenberg, in The Other Bible, Harper and
Row, 1984, p.96)

1.7 Why delay?
Start the practices as you read the book.
In terms of self-transformation, tomorrow means never.
Whatever can be done, do it right now.
Wasted time is known by God.

1.8 Play with the techniques
If so many sages have striven towards spiritual enlightenment, it
is because it is the greatest fun one can have on Earth. If your
views on spirituality are grim and austere, then you are
completely missing the point. The most enlightened masters I have
met were men and women who laughed a lot. So please, be really
serious with the Clairvision techniques: play with them. If you can
get as involved and serious as a child who is playing (and if you
persist) then your chances of success are great.

1.9 Remain relative
One of the fascinating discoveries that results from understanding
the writings of highly enlightened people is that they have seen
the world in completely different ways.
In the Indian tradition for instance, take the Jnanis and Sri
Aurobindo. In the works of Sri Aurobindo, the world is presented


Chapter 1 – Principles and Method of the Work
as the progressive incarnation of a divine perfection. Death is a
mockery, and the Work aims at physical immortality through an
enlightenment of physical matter. To the Jnanis, on the other
hand, incarnated life is a fatal mistake. Actually to the Jnanis the
whole universe is a mistake, a sort of transient, foul and
nauseating emanation. And the only purpose of life is to take a
one-way ticket out of it as quickly as possible.
Sri Aurobindo was universally acclaimed in India as one of the most
enlightened yogis of all time. But do not think that the Jnanis are
shallow. A jnana-yogi such as Nisargadatta Maharaj, to take a recent
example, has deeply impressed his generation, East and West, by
the immensity of his states of consciousness.
There is no easy way around this fact: depending on where you are
looking from, you see the universe and its finality completely
differently. Please ponder upon this, for it seems to me one of the
best antidotes for dogma. Whatever your views are, don't make
them a prison. Always leave space to change your mind and your
system of the world.
To the people who wish to engage in the Clairvision style of work,
I particularly recommend two main bodies of writings: those of
the Gnostics, and those of Rudolf Steiner. The reasons for this
choice are that they both arose from vast enlightenments, they
are full of wisdom and practical information regarding the path of
inner alchemy and the western esoteric tradition, and last but not
least... they are totally irreconcilable on a number of key points! If
you want to operate with the two systems, you have no choice but
to remain relative as to the value of mental conceptions.
Once more, it is not what you believe or what you have read that
will change your spiritual life, it is what you can experience
directly. Hence the work suggested in this book, which aims at
giving you the capacity to tune in and reach your own perception
of spiritual worlds.


Chapter 2 – The Mysteries of the Larynx

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was
with God, and the Word was God.
John 1:1
And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of
his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword.
Revelation 1:16

2.1 Throat friction
This practice consists of breathing with a friction at the lower
part of the back of the throat, while keeping the mouth slightly
open. The friction is generated during both inhalation and
exhalation. It creates a ‘wind’ type of sound. There is neither
humming nor buzzing, nor any form of chanted sound. The sound
is roughly the same while inhaling and exhaling. If you can, try to
make it a low-pitched sound; it will be easier to sustain over long
periods of time. But before giving more indications and tips on
the throat friction, let me make a few points extremely clear.
Don't try to start a quest for the perfect throat friction. Just do
a ‘kind of’ friction sound and let it adjust itself with time.
If you try to do it too perfectly you will probably end up doing it
all wrong. (The same applies more or less to all the techniques of
this book.) By being too finicky your mind is likely to get in the
way. So just breathe with some vague friction in the throat and
everything will be fine! Just read the indications given below, and
then you can come back to this section in a few weeks to find out
more precisely where your friction is taking place and adjust the

Throat friction, tips and traps
• If you wish to have an immediate demonstration, you can visit
the Clairvision School's Internet site (section: Clairvision Knowledge
Bank), where you will find sound files of throat friction. But
again, keep in mind that any vague friction sound will be enough
to carry you through the exercises of Awakening the Third Eye.
• It does not matter whether you are breathing through the nose
or the mouth, or both at the same time, but the mouth should
remain slightly open. In this position the lower jaw is loose and


Chapter 2 – The Mysteries of the Larynx
relaxed, which generates a certain condition of energy and can be
enough in itself to induce a slightly altered state of consciousness.

The friction comes from area L (for larynx)
• The throat friction is more comfortable and more efficient
when it comes from the back of the throat, not from the mouth
and palate [area M on the figure – M for middle of the mouth]
nor from the area close to the teeth [area F – F for front of the
If you were to produce your friction from the middle [M] or the
front [F] of the mouth, the sound would be higher-pitched and
somewhat shriller or even whistly. Experiment and compare each
• The correct friction comes from the larynx and the lower
pharynx, meaning the lower part of the back of the throat [area L
on the figure]. Then the (correct) sound is lower pitched, deeper
and more internalised than if it came from the front of the
• Another possible mistake would be to generate your friction
from the upper pharynx (nasopharynx), meaning at the back but
at the top of the throat, behind the inner nasal cavity [area N on
the figure]. In that case, which is incorrect, the friction would
resonate more in the nasal sinuses than in the throat.


Chapter 2 – The Mysteries of the Larynx
• Often when performing the throat friction you can feel a tiny
but distinct vibration in the larynx by gently touching your
Adam's apple with your fingers. (The Adam's apple is the external
protuberance of the larynx, in the upper part of the middle of
the throat. It is more marked in men than in women.) In the
beginning this vibration under the finger is often felt more
clearly during inhalation than exhalation, even though the same
sound is produced during both.
• How deep should the breath be? Its depth and rhythm should be
as normal. Slightly deeper breathing may be implemented in the
beginning, in order to generate a clearer friction. But you do not
need to hyperventilate: this technique does not aim at creating the
type of breathing used in rebirthing. Our purpose is to activate
the energy of the larynx through friction. The emphasis is not on
breathing but on awakening the larynx of energy.
• The purpose of the throat friction is to reinforce your
connection with the ‘energy’, a term that may sound vague in the
beginning but will become more and more meaningful as you keep
working on your third eye. As you become more accustomed to
this friction practice, you will only have to tune into the flow of
energy around you and the right intensity of the breath will
follow automatically. Depth and rhythm will vary, for it is the
nature of energy to vary, and it is our purpose to learn to flow
with the energy.
• The energetic action of this friction breathing will be greatly
enhanced if your neck is straight and vertical, in line with the
rest of the spine. The more perfectly upright your neck is, the
more power is released in the larynx. This can be experienced as a
sudden intensification of the vibration that sometimes takes place
when slightly moving the neck, thereby coming closer to the
perfect uprightness.
• The mouth is only slightly open, but still it is important to
make sure that it remains open, and more precisely that the lower
jaw is relaxed so that the upper and lower teeth do not meet.
When you have become familiar with the vibration between the
eyebrows (introduced in the next chapter), come back to this
point: try to practise the throat friction with your mouth tightly
closed, and then with the mouth slightly open, alternating the two
positions to feel the difference in your energy. You will notice
that as soon as the lower jaw is relaxed and slightly dropped, a


Chapter 2 – The Mysteries of the Larynx
completely different condition of your energy is generated in
which the connection with the vibration is enhanced and a general
opening is favoured.
Note also that this slightly open position of the mouth is not
taken to force you to breathe through the mouth instead of the
nose. Breathe through the nose, the mouth or both at the same
time, as feels most natural to you.
• Beginners sometimes feel that this technique makes their throat
dry or slightly irritated. If so, produce the friction lower down in
the throat. Beginners often make the friction higher up in the
throat, closer to the palate, which is irritating to the throat. In
any case, by practising for a few minutes several times a day this
inconvenience will soon be overcome. (High quality honey can also
be used as a soother and awakener.) With practice this friction can
be maintained effortlessly for hours.
After a few days of practice the throat friction adjusts itself
naturally and all irritating sensations disappear.
• It should be emphasized that the focus of this technique is on
the larynx, not on the breath. In no way can it be regarded as a
practice of hyperventilation, since the intensity of the breath is
just your normal one. It is not even a breathing exercise as such,
since it is only the mechanical action of the air on the larynx that
is used, without especially trying to connect with the process of
respiration. The friction is used to create a stimulation of the
vibration in the larynx, but at a later stage of the practice it
becomes possible to awaken the same vibration in the larynx
without making use of the breath.
• Why is the protuberance of the larynx called Adam's apple, and
why is it more marked in men than in women? It is said that
when Adam tried to swallow the piece of apple of the tree of
knowledge, it remained stuck in his throat!

2.2 Purposes and effects of the throat friction
The throat friction is a sound of energy. It quietens the mind and
when mastered, instantaneously induces a ‘tuned-in’ state of
One of its main actions is to amplify any psychic phenomena. The
way we will use the throat friction in the following chapter will
be to connect it with the area between the eyebrows to strengthen
your awareness of the third eye. In later practices the throat
friction will be connected with different structures of the body


Chapter 2 – The Mysteries of the Larynx
of energy to help reinforce them.
What does ‘connecting’ mean? It is a feeling that is easier to
experience than to describe. Suppose you are trying to connect the
throat friction with the area between the eyebrows, for instance.
In the beginning there is a simultaneous awareness of them. Then a
resonance automatically takes place between the two. The area
between the eyebrows seems to vibrate together with the throat
friction. Then a ‘mixing’ takes place. The throat friction combines
with the feeling between the eyebrows. There is a communication
of energy between the larynx and the third eye. That is what is
meant by ‘connecting’.
There follows a simple but essential experience: the perception of
the third eye quickly becomes more distinct and tangible. This
result is clear and instantaneous. The effect of the throat friction
is to ‘give shape’, make things more substantial. Therefore,
whenever you connect the throat friction with a chakra or any
other organ of energy the organ becomes more perceptible. The
larynx makes things manifest, it reveals them.
A similar effect will be observed when working on auras. You first
have to build up the inner space and engage the process of seeing.
Then some exercises will show how your perception of nonphysical halos and auras is instantaneously boosted when combining
throat friction and vision (see Chapters 5 and 7). The lights and
colours will appear significantly ‘denser’ and more tangible.
The throat friction can also be used to establish a linkage between
different structures of energy. Not only can you connect the
friction to the third eye or any other organ of energy, but you
can also enhance the connection between different organs of
energy, and link them through the friction. For instance in the
chapters on channel release you will work at establishing a linkage
between the energy of the hands and that of the third eye. And in
the chapters on protection you will learn to connect the third eye
with belly energies.
As you advance along this path you will discover several other
miraculous functions associated with the larynx. For instance, the
larynx of energy is a wonderful purifier: it can digest all kinds of
toxic energies. It also plays a major role in the metabolism of the
nectar of immortality. I recommend that you do not treat the
throat friction as routine, but regard it as a sacred quest for the
mysteries of the larynx.


Chapter 2 – The Mysteries of the Larynx

2.3 The mysteries of the larynx
One finds in the Sanskrit literature some surprising stories about
the voice. The rishis, or seer-sages of ancient India, were said to
have many extraordinary abilities called siddhis. One of them was
the vac-siddhi ( vac = voice), by which whatever the rishi said
would come true. Sometimes just by uttering a word, a rishi could
materialise a whole army and change the course of history. It
followed that the spoken word was regarded as sacred and
unalterable, which was not without its problems at times. For
instance in the Mahābhārata, the longest poem in the recorded
history of humankind, the five Pāṇḍava brothers attend a
tournament where one of them gains the most beautiful princess
as a wife. Returning home, the brothers announce to their
mother, the virtuous Kunti, “We have brought back a treasure.”
Then rather unfortunately the mother exclaims, “Good, let it be
shared between the five of you,” after which the princess has to
become the wife of the five men, taking turns with each, and
supposedly without being partial to any of them.
The creative power of the voice is clearly expressed in Sanskrit,
where vac, voice, is often regarded as a synonym for śakti, which
is the creative energy, the power of manifestation. In various
trends of ancient Greek philosophy one finds a similar concept in
the logos . The primary meaning of logos is ‘word’, but it also
means creative principle. Later, in the gospel of John (originally
written in Greek), it is also the term logos which is used to
characterise the creative principle by which the creation was
manifested: “In the beginning was the logos (Word), and the logos
was with God, and the logos was God.” (John 2:1) Note that the
first book of the Old Testament also presents a picture in which,
at various stages of the genesis of the world, God uses the power
of the Word to create: “And God said, Let there be light: and there
was light.” (Genesis 1:3) “And God said, Let there be a firmament
in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the
waters.” (Genesis 1:6) “And God said, Let the earth bring forth the
living creature...” (Genesis 1:24), and so on.
In my epic novel, Atlantean Secrets , you will find startling
descriptions of the mysterious power of the voice cultivated by
Atlantean initiates, through which they could influence nature,
perform healings, and accomplish a whole range of miraculous
feats. Rudolf Steiner in his teachings has also left many indications


Chapter 2 – The Mysteries of the Larynx
related to the power of the voice. An aspect he has particularly
developed is the polarity between voice and generative organs, for
which he describes many consequences as far as the evolution of
humankind is concerned.
Apart from Steiner's indications, certain simple facts show that
there is a connection between the voice (and therefore the larynx)
and sexual energy. For instance, it is when the sexual organs
develop, at puberty, that the male voice changes pitch, due to the
action of the male hormone testosterone. In women, alterations of
the voice can also be observed following menopause.
In astrology, the voice organ is related to the sign of Taurus and
the sexual organs to Scorpio. The polarity between the sexual
organs and the larynx is indicated by the opposition between the
two signs.
Taurus is ruled by Venus, Scorpio by Mars. Venus and Mars form a
couple, with dialectically opposed functions.

Taurus-Scorpio axis on the zodiac
Another connection between voice and organs of generation can be
found in ancient Hebrew, where one of the words for voice is
yediah, coming from the root yadah, meaning to know. And it is
certainly no coincidence that the biblical way of referring to
sexual intercourse is yadah , to know. For instance: “And Adam
knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bore Cain...” (Genesis 4:1)
In acupuncture the point qi chong (Stomach 30), located on the side
of the pubic bone, has among its symptoms: sore throat after
sexual intercourse. One can find several other connections in
traditional Chinese medicine between sexual energy and throat. For
instance, among the organs it is the kidney that is said to be the
storehouse of sexual energy. And in the throat one finds the


Chapter 2 – The Mysteries of the Larynx
tonsils, which also have the shape of a kidney. When there is a
release of ‘fire’ by the kidney, it may result in an inflammation
of the pharynx (pharyngitis) or of the tonsils (tonsillitis).
But let us return to Steiner and look at his views on the future of
the voice organ. Steiner considered that in the trend of human
evolution, the importance of certain body parts is slowly waning
while some other organs will play a more and more essential role
in the future. The sexual organs belong to the first category,
while the larynx definitely belongs to the second.
Steiner has often mentioned that around the middle of Lemuria
(the epoch that preceded Atlantis), a critical event took place in the
occult history of humankind. Until then the libido of human
beings was still directed entirely towards procreation, so that each
human being was able to generate offspring of its own. In other
words we were all hermaphrodites. One single being could give
birth to another being without having to be fecundated by anyone.
Note that the concept of primordial human beings as
hermaphrodites is found not only in Steiner but also in several
myths of various traditions.
Then Steiner describes how, in the middle of cataclysmic
alterations of planet Earth, human beings lost half their
procreative energy. They stopped being hermaphrodites: the sexes
were separated. Each human being retained only half of the
procreative energy and from then on had to find someone of the
other sex in order to have a child. What happened to the other
half of the procreative energy, the one that was no longer
available for procreation? According to Steiner, it was redirected
towards a different function: catching the Ego, or Higher Self.
Until then human beings had been living like blobs, completely
disconnected from their Ego. And it was by the redirection of half
of their sexual force that they established the beginning of a
connection with the Ego. They became spiritual beings.
Such a vision suggests quite an interesting way of looking at the
relation between sexual energy and spirituality, and at sexuality in
general. For example it presents the sexual instinct as a quest for
the ‘lost half’. And at the same time it suggests that the lost half
is not ultimately to be found outside, in a union with another
being, but in a full communion with one's own Spirit. It also
suggests that the sexual energy and the energy that allows us to
connect with the Spirit are of fundamentally the same nature, and


Chapter 2 – The Mysteries of the Larynx
that the latter is nothing other than a refined and redirected
form of the former. This conception fits quite well with the
Taoist systems of inner alchemy, in which one works at refining
and transmuting the sexual energy in order to generate the
embryo of immortality, the subtle body in which the fullness of
the Higher Self can be experienced permanently.
But let us return to the voice. Steiner describes how, after human
beings had half of their sexual energy redirected (around the
middle of the Lemurian epoch), some new organs appeared in the
human body. The larynx was one of them. This establishes a direct
connection between the transformed and spiritualised sexual
energy and the larynx: as long as the hermaphrodite's sexual
energy was 100% directed towards procreation, the larynx could
not appear. Once part of the sexual energy was refined in order to
start ‘catching’ the Spirit, the larynx started to develop.
Now, if we try to understand the present function of our larynx,
we see that through the voice we express our thoughts and our
emotions, which is a way of giving them a more defined form. As
soon as you start practising the exercises given in the first
chapters of this book, you will realize that the throat friction
makes the third eye more tangible, as if shaping it. You will tune
into your third eye, and as soon as you start implementing the
throat friction, the third eye will immediately be perceived more
clearly and more intensely.
Steiner predicts that in the future of humankind, the larynx's
capacity to give form will become extreme, and the creative power
of the word will manifest even in the physical plane: just by
saying a word, the corresponding object will be materialised. Even
though staggering if one measures its implications, this concept is
after all no different from the vac-siddhi or creative power of the
word which, according to the Sanskrit texts, the ancient Indian
rishis had mastered. This suggests that human beings are gradually
gaining the capacity to create, similar to that of the Elohim in the
Old Testament. In other words it presents human beings as creative
gods in the making – a theme that runs through the whole of the
western esoteric tradition, starting in Genesis when, Adam having
eaten of the tree of knowledge, the Elohim exclaim: “Behold, the
man is become as one of us.” (Genesis 3:22) All these considerations
on the larynx lead one to think that there may be some symbolic
meaning behind the fable that Adam's apple was the piece of the


Chapter 2 – The Mysteries of the Larynx
fruit of the tree of knowledge that remained stuck in his throat.
Interestingly, Steiner foresaw a crucial step in the long-term
evolution of the larynx: the sexual force having been completely
transmuted, the procreative function will no longer be
implemented from the sexual organs but from the larynx. Human
beings will then have gained the capacity to speak their children
Another of Steiner's visions which is quite consistent with several
other sources of the western esoteric tradition, is that with the
final transmutation of the sexual energy into the creative power
of the voice will come the end of death: physical immortality. The
end of the sexual organs means the end of the separation of human
beings into two sexes. In the gospel of Philip, one of the most
exciting of the Gnostic gospels, it is unequivocally stated that if
‘the woman’ had not been separated from ‘the man’, she would not
have to die with ‘the man’, and it is the separation of the sexes
that caused the beginning of death. The same text further
indicates that as long as Eve was in Adam, there was no death. It is
when she was separated from Adam that death began. If ‘the man’
becomes whole again, it will be the end of death.
This can be put in parallel with the gospel of Thomas, in which
Jesus tells his disciples that it is by making the two one that they
will become the sons of man, and move mountains by saying,
“Mountain, move!”
Then the ‘lost Word’, on which the Masonic tradition is based, will
have been recovered, and the Temple rebuilt forever.
The alchemists often defined their art as a way of speeding up the
natural processes of evolution of nature. For instance they
considered that all the metals were on their way to becoming gold,
and that by transmuting base metals into gold one does nothing
other than achieve within a short time what nature would
otherwise take a long time to accomplish. I will have several
occasions in this book and others of the Clairvision Corpus to come
back to the inner significance of the gold of the alchemists.
According to them, their gold was ‘no common gold’. At this stage
we could use this concept of ‘speeding up’ to define inner alchemy:
inner alchemy aims at achieving now, transformations that
humankind will only complete much later in its natural course of


Chapter 2 – The Mysteries of the Larynx
The throat friction is designed to achieve an alchemical
transformation of the larynx and start tapping from its creative
power. In particular, in the Clairvision style of inner alchemy the
larynx is used extensively to give shape and to ‘densify’ various
structures of the body of energy, as you will start experiencing
with the practices of Chapter 3.

2.4 Humming sound and the magic of bees
Sit in a meditation position, with your back extremely straight.
Become aware of the cervical part of the spine, in the neck, and
aim for a perfectly vertical position aligned with the rest of the
Keep your eyes closed.
Become aware in the larynx.
Start chanting a continuous humming, buzzing sound, making
your throat vibrate. Make the sound while both exhaling and
inhaling. Make short inhalations and long exhalations.
Remain aware of the physical vibration generated in your larynx
by the buzzing.
Continue the practice for a few minutes. Then remain silent and
motionless for a few more minutes, just feeling the vibration in
the throat.

• This technique can be quite intoxicating. If practised long
enough, it induces a slightly exhilarating altered state of
consciousness. The effect is strongly reinforced by being aware in
the third eye at the same time, according to the principles
developed in the next chapter.
• One way of practising this exercise is to make your humming
sound resemble the buzzing of a bee. Then the practice becomes the
bhrāmarin technique of Hatha-yoga. If this proves difficult, don't
worry. Any humming sound will do, provided you create a
tangible vibration which you can feel when placing your fingers
on the protuberance of the larynx.
Bees, who are great experts in humming/buzzing sounds, are
highly alchemical little creatures. Their connection with the sexual
energy of plants is easy to observe. For instance, they help many
plants to reproduce, by carrying pollen (the plant equivalent of
semen) from one to another. They take the nectar from the
reproductive parts of plants and turn it into honey.


Chapter 2 – The Mysteries of the Larynx
Honey is a remarkable substance in many ways. It keeps for years
without any preservation process – a very long time, especially if
you compare it to the lifespan of a worker-bee, which is about one
or two months. So the bees take a sexually-related product and
turn it into a non-perishable substance. This of course reminds us
of the alchemical processes by which the sexual force is
transmuted and which result in the formation of the body of
immortality. On a simpler level, royal jelly, another product of
the hive, is highly sought after and regarded as a substance of
Honey, interestingly enough, has always been considered an
excellent remedy for the throat, and bees a symbol of eloquence.
In Hebrew one of the words for voice is dibur, coming from the
root daber that gives the verb ledaber, to speak. And bee is dvora,
coming from the same root. (The name Deborah comes from the
Hebrew dvora, bee.)


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye

3.1 What is the third eye?
The third eye is the gate that opens to the space of consciousness
and to the inner worlds. It is also the main organ through which
the body of energy can be awakened and governed. So, practically,
the third eye acts as a ‘switch’, which can activate higher
frequencies of the body of energy and thereby lead to higher
states of consciousness.
From a therapeutic point of view, it has been my experience over
the years that many clients get better when they connect with
their third eye, whatever the nature of their problem. Due to its
function as a switch, as soon as it is activated the third eye tends
to set into motion several circulations of energy. This
automatically results in correcting a number of physical and
emotional disorders, a process that could be described as a kind of
self-acupuncture. Moreover, even the beginning of third eye
awakening tends to put people in touch with more profound
aspects of themselves, which in itself has a major healing action.
Of course, I am not suggesting that it is enough to connect with
the third eye to heal everything, but still the potential of this
centre is so enormous that I would not be surprised if in the
coming decades, more and more ‘third eye therapies’ were
From a spiritual point of view, in both the Christian and Hindu
traditions one finds texts that compare the body to a temple. If
we were to develop the analogy, we could compare the third eye to
the temple's portal. By crossing the portal one goes from the
profane to the sacred, from the stage where one reads and thinks
about spiritual life to the stage where one starts experiencing it.
The third eye has always been regarded by those who seek to know
themselves as a most precious jewel, hence the precious stone
placed on the forehead of statues of buddhas.
In this chapter we will describe how to begin to establish a
connection with the third eye (practice 3.2). Then we will cover a
technique of meditation (3.7) through which the third eye can be
further explored and developed.


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye

3.2 First opening
Preliminary advice for the opening practice
This opening practice is designed to give you a first ‘thread’ to the
third eye, by awakening a certain feeling between the eyebrows. It
is designed to be practised only once, or a few times within a
short period of time. Then the work on the eye will be continued
with the meditation technique indicated below (3.7), and with all
the other practices of the book.
A good way to start is to choose a day when you don't have
anything else to do, at the beginning of a weekend for instance,
and to focus intensely on the practices. After this strong initial
imprint it will be easier to follow the rest of the techniques.
You can either do the practices alone or with friends, which will
make the energy more intense. The best day of the month to start
is the one preceding the Full Moon. However you do not have to
worry too much about the calendar. The important thing is to do
it, rather than wait for the perfect time.
Preferably wear light-coloured clothes (white is best). Avoid
wearing black.
Remember that you are dealing with subtle perception. The
vibration should not be expected to feel like a dagger in your
forehead. Even if you can only perceive a faint little tingling or
pressure between the eyebrows, that will be enough to start the
process. All the other practices in the book will contribute to
enhancing and developing the perception.
Remember, no imagination, no visualisation. Let things come to
you. A certain tiny vibration is already present between the
eyebrows in everybody. The purpose is to reveal this natural
vibration, in order to cultivate it later on.
Read the instructions given in the following section carefully a
few times before putting them into practice.

Choose a quiet room where no one will disturb you for at least an
hour. You do not have to be alone, you can implement this practice
together with friends. But there should not be anyone in the room
who is not practising with you.
Light candles around the room.
Take off your shoes.


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
Undo your belt, tie, or other restrictive clothing.
Take off your watch.
Lie down on the floor, on a carpet, blanket, or thin mat. The arms
should not be crossed but should lie by your side. It is preferable
to have the palms facing upwards.
The legs should not be crossed.
Close your eyes. Keep your eyes closed until the end of the
Relax for 2 or 3 minutes.
Do 5 or 10 minutes of humming sound (section 2.4).

Phase 1
Become aware in the throat. Start breathing with the throat
friction, as explained in the last chapter (section 2.1).
Become aware of the vibration generated in the larynx by the
Be just aware, without any particular concentration.
Flow with the energy. If some movements take place in your body
or in your consciousness, let them happen.
Continue for 5 to 10 minutes, breathing with the friction, aware
of the vibration in the larynx.

Phase 2
Maintain the throat friction.
Instead of placing your awareness in the larynx, now become aware
in the area between your eyebrows.
Do not concentrate. If you ‘grasp’ the area between the eyebrows
with too tight a focus, the process can't unfold. Flow with the
energy. Follow what comes spontaneously. If the breath naturally
changes and becomes more intense, then follow the breath. But
make sure that you maintain some friction in the throat
throughout these first 5 phases of the practice.
Remain ‘just aware’ between the eyebrows, breathing with the
throat friction, for about 5 minutes. Time precision is not
relevant for this practice, so there is no need to look at your

Phase 3
Place the palm of your hand in front of the area between the
eyebrows. The hand does not touch the skin, it is about 3 to 5
centimetres (1 or 2 inches) away.


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye

Note that the hand does not touch the skin.
For a few minutes, stay lying on the floor with the eyes closed,
breathing with the throat friction, aware between the eyebrows,
and the palm 1 inch in front of this area.

Phase 4
Keep your hand in front of you or put it back by your side, as
you prefer.
Remain with your eyes closed, breathing with the throat friction,
aware between the eyebrows.
Start looking for a vibration between the eyebrows. It can take
different forms: either a clear vibration or a tingling, or even a
rather blurry pressure, a weight or a density between the
Do not try hard. Remain vacant, let things happen.
Note that your eyes remain closed during all phases of this

Phase 5
As soon as the faintest feeling of vibration or tingling, pressure,
pulsation, density or weight is perceived, proceed as follows: start
connecting the throat friction with the feeling between the
Connecting means being aware of both the friction and the
vibration (or density, or pressure...) between the eyebrows at the
same time. As you proceed, the link between the friction energy
and the third eye will be perceived more and more clearly.
The vibration will change as you combine it with the friction. It
will become more subtle, and yet more intense at the same time.


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
If vibration or tingling is felt in some other part of the body, for
instance the whole of the forehead, the arms or even the whole
body, do not pay any attention to it. Just remain aware of the
vibration (or density, or pressure...) between the eyebrows.
Continue this phase for about 10 minutes, building up the
vibration between the eyebrows by connecting it with the throat
Remember, no imagination, no visualisation. Just flow with what

Phase 6
Stop the throat friction.
Do not focus on the vibration any more.
Remain with your eyes closed, just aware between the eyebrows
for another 10 minutes or more.
Be extremely still, feeling the energy around you. The more
motionless you become, the more you can tune in.
Observe if any feeling of light or colours can be perceived between
the eyebrows.

Tips, tricks and traps
• Do not concentrate or ‘grasp’ the area between the eyebrows,
just keep a very gentle focus in the area. Grasping would only
block the process. Do not try to ‘do’, let things happen.
• Focussing between the eyebrows just means being aware of this
area, and not directing your eyeballs as if trying to look at this
area. If you were to implement such movements of the eyeballs, it
would create a tension that could only disturb the natural course
of the experience. So the eyeballs are not directed in any particular
direction. Same throughout the book.
• A common experience, in the beginning, is to feel vibration (or
pressure, density...) not only in the area between the eyebrows,
but also in other parts of the forehead or the face. If this happens
don't pay attention to it, just focus on the vibration between the
eyebrows, connecting it with the throat friction. With practice,
everything will fall into place.
• If you practise with friends, make sure you are not touching
each other, in order to avoid inappropriate transfers of energy.
• If the experience becomes too intense, all you have to do is open
your eyes and you will be brought back to your normal state of


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye

First opening, synopsis of the practice
Lie down and relax.
1) Throat friction + awareness in the larynx
2) Throat friction + awareness between the eyebrows
3) Same as 2) + palm of the hand in front of the third eye
4) Throat friction + looking for vibration, tingling,
pressure, density... between the eyebrows
5) Connecting the throat friction
with the vibration between the eyebrows
6) Motionlessness – connecting with the energy around you

3.3 Various experiences
In Chapter 10 you will find a summary of the most common
experiences encountered when starting to work on the third eye
according to the principles and techniques developed in this book.
As far as this first opening is concerned, the only things that
matter are the vibration (or tingling, or density...) between the
eyebrows, and the light, if you happen to perceive it. The best
attitude is to pay no attention to any other manifestations that
may occur while implementing the practice.
When dealing with the third eye and with etheric energy,
especially in the beginning, minor manifestations may take place,
such as tingling or even twitching, here and there in the body, or
images flashing back to your consciousness. Let them come and let
them go, for they do not mean much. Just follow the technique as
if nothing was happening.
It may be that the vibration, tingling, density or light you will
feel between the eyebrows will be quite intense, but it really does
not matter if they happen to be faint or blurry. As we will see
later, the intensity of the energy can vary greatly from one day
to the next for the same person, so it may just be that you have
attempted the ‘first opening’ on a low intensity day. However
faint these qualities may be, they are a first thread, and a
systematic technology will be gradually introduced in the book to
transform them into a clear perception of the third eye.

3.4 Experiential references
vibration ~ etheric (life force)


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
colours, light ~ astral
purple light ~ astral space
As you practise the various techniques working on the third eye,
you will encounter mainly 3 types of experiences between the
eyebrows: 1) vibration, 2) colours and light, 3) purple light.
Roughly speaking, the first one indicates an activation of the
etheric layer, the second indicates the astral, while the perception
of the purple light indicates that a connection has been made with
the astral space (the terms etheric and astral will be developed
further on in this book).
Of course these indications are far too simplified to be completely
exact. But from an experiential point of view they provide helpful
references to allow you to find your way in the beginning.
1) Vibration, tingling, a feeling of pressure, weight, or density, all
have the same significance when felt between the eyebrows. They
indicate that something is being activated in the etheric part of
your third eye.
The etheric body is the layer of life force, equivalent to the prāṇa
of the Indian tradition and the qi of traditional Chinese medicine.
(The third eye is not a physical organ, it is predominantly etheric
and astral.)
The vibration (or any of its equivalents, such as tingling, pulsing,
pressure, density...) is the sensation by which the etheric is
perceived. Whenever you feel it somewhere in your body, it
indicates that the etheric layer is activated in this area. So the
perception of the vibration between the eyebrows is nothing other
than a perception of the etheric part of the third eye.
Since tingling, pressure, density or weight have more or less the
same significance, to simplify I shall refer to all of them by the
same word: vibration. Therefore, whenever you read ‘vibration’ in
this book, it refers to any or all of these different forms. For
instance, “Build up the vibration between the eyebrows,” means:
build up the modality that is most natural to you – vibration,
pressure, density, or their equivalent. Anyway after some time
the vibration will be perceived as all of these simultaneously.
There are different levels of vibration, just as there are different
levels of etheric energy, some more subtle than others. The
intensity of the vibration may vary from one day to the next.
Apart from quantitative variations, it is also the quality of the


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
vibration that tends to vary naturally from one day to another.
Consequently it is important not to cling to any modality but to
flow with what comes each day. After some time the experience
will become more stable and the energy movements will be more
under your control.
2) The second type of experience that can take place between the
eyebrows is that of (non-physical) lights of various sorts, from a
vague haze, cloud, or glow, to colours and organised patterns. These
various manifestations can be regarded as equivalent, and indicate
that something is being activated in the astral part of your third
eye. To simplify, I will refer to all of them by the term ‘light’. So
each time you read ‘light’ in this book, it means all or any of
these: haze, colours, light patterns, shining dots or anything that
glows. Choose the one that comes most naturally to you and let it
be gradually refined into a more and more brilliant light.
The astral body is the layer of mental consciousness and emotions.
The equation ‘(non-physical) light = astral’ is not absolute, for
certain high frequencies of light come from far above the astral
layer. But as you will quickly learn to recognize, the lights and
colours that commonly appear between the eyebrows when you
‘switch on’ your eye are a clear indicator that the astral part of
the third eye is being activated.
3) The purple light is often perceived as the background of the
other lights or colour patterns. It gives the feeling of an expanse
or of a space that extends in front of your third eye. The deeper
you contact the purple light, the more you perceive it as a space
that is not only in front of you but all around you. This space
corresponds to what esotericists call the astral space.
This space of consciousness is not always perceived as purple, but
also as dark blue or even black. What matters most is the feeling
of space, whatever the colour of darkness perceived. I will
therefore use the word ‘space’ for the dark expanse at the
background of the third eye, regardless of its colour.
Note that the perception of the purple space is quite simple, and
that many people have experienced it (in particular during
childhood) without realizing its real nature.

3.5 If you are not feeling any vibration at all
Here are a few indications for those who might not seem to feel
any vibration between the eyebrows while implementing the


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
It is possible, and not uncommon, that the vibration is there but
you are not registering it. Maybe you are expecting something
extraordinary, or very intense. Maybe it is too simple. This
vibration has always been between your eyebrows and you never
paid any attention to it.
Maybe you are blocking the process by trying too hard. Make sure
you do not concentrate, let things happen. Don't look for the
vibration, let it come to you. Continue with the practice, insist,
but in the spirit of letting go.
There is another reason you may not feel any vibration at all: it
may be that you are getting light instead of vibration. Remember
our simple references:
vibration ~ etheric
light ~ astral
If you are perceiving light in any form (from a simple blurry
whitish haze to the wonderful purple of the space, through various
types of colours and patterns), then you are already in the astral,
hence no longer in the etheric. You can't (in the beginning anyway)
be outside and inside a house at the same time. Consequently, if
you are getting light, it is quite possible you have bypassed the
level of the vibration. In that case, just go on with your practice
with the light instead of the vibration. In the scheme of our
meditation technique (section 3.7), go from phase 2 to phase 3.
Don't worry about the vibration, connect the throat friction with
the light.
After implementing these practices with hundreds of students at
the Clairvision School, I have never seen one who did not manage
to feel the vibration after a bit of practice. Follow the
Oxyrhynchus Sayings of Jesus, where it is advised that those who
seek do not cease until they find, “and when they find they will
be astonished.” Persist, persist, persist... and everything will come.

3.6 More about the third eye
A useful hint is to consider the eye as a patch or a 50 cent coin on
the forehead. In reality, the third eye is more like a pipe or a
tunnel, going from the area between the eyebrows to the occipital
bone at the back of the head.
The tunnel of the third eye
All along the tunnel are a number of centres of energy, through
which one can connect with different worlds and areas of
consciousness. This explains why different systems may ‘locate’ the


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye

third eye in different places: each of them chooses a different
centre along the pipe, or even a structure of energy adjacent to
the tunnel, as a reference point.
Another important point to keep in mind is that the third eye is
not physical. The grossest part of the third eye is a structure of
energy belonging to the etheric body or layer of life force. The
etheric body has many connections with the physical body and
therefore the third eye, being the ‘main switch’ of the etheric
body, is also closely connected to certain structures of the physical
body, for instance the pituitary and pineal glands.
However it would be over-simplified to say that the third eye is
the pineal gland or the pituitary gland, as stated by certain books.
As explained before, the tunnel of the third eye is not physical. It
impacts its energy on a number of structures of the physical
body, including the frontal sinus, the optic nerves and their
chiasma, the nerves of the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone,
the pituitary and pineal glands, some of the nuclei at the centre of
the brain, the ventricles of the brain, and others. It would be far
too simplistic and limiting to pick one of these physical structures
and label it ‘third eye’. Once more the third eye is not physical, it
is an organ of energy. It may have some privileged connections
with certain physical structures, but it cannot be limited to any
of them.


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
In the beginning, do not worry about any other part of the
tunnel, just remain aware between the eyebrows. One has to start
somewhere, and this particular centre between the eyebrows has
the great advantage of creating a protective energy all around you
in your aura as soon as you activate it. Other centres of the ‘pipe’
will be introduced later.
So in this book, whenever we talk about ‘the eye’, we mean the
area between the eyebrows. That does not mean the area between
the eyebrows is the whole third eye, of course. But in the early
stages of our training it is the area we will use and develop as the
main switch, the place to remain aware of permanently. If you get
sensations in other areas of the head, don't try to suppress them,
but don't pay attention to them either. Keep your focus between
the eyebrows.

3.7 Third eye meditation
Let us now start our main technique of meditation. The initial
stages of this meditation process are not intended to project you
into spectacular states of transcendence, but to work at building
up the third eye systematically and later on to achieve true inner
silence. As will be discussed in Chapter 9 on awareness, one of the
principles of our approach is that one cannot fight mentally
against the mind. One cannot force the mind into being silent. But
one can build a structure beyond the mind, from which the mind
can be mastered. In that sense the third eye can be compared to a
control tower, similar to that of the 20th hexagram of the I
Ching. The first phases of this meditation process aim at
structuring the third eye and imprinting it as tangibly as possible
into your system.
Phases 4 and 5 deal with the inner space and the mysterious
vortices. During the first weeks of your practice, to simplify you
may decide to bypass phase 5 (the vortex), going straight from the
phase on the space to the ‘non-technique’ or meditation proper,
when you remain ‘just aware’ above the head.

Remove shoes, belt, tie and watch.
Sit cross-legged on the floor or on a chair with your back straight.
You do not have to be on the floor but your back should be very
straight. If you sit on a chair it is preferable not to lean back
against it, so that you allow a free flow of energies.


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
Meditation phase 1: the larynx of energy
Close your eyes. Keep your eyes closed until the end of the
Start breathing with the throat friction (section 2.1).
The friction breathing generates a vibration in the throat. Become
aware of the vibration in the larynx. Use the friction to intensify
the vibration in the larynx.
The vibration in the throat is made of two parts: one physical,
created by the mechanical action of the breathing, and a more
subtle one, like a tingling, that can still be perceived when you
stop the breath.
Use the throat friction to intensify the non-physical tingling.
Adjust the position of your spine. Look for the absolute
uprightness. Align the neck with the rest of your back in quest of
a perfectly straight posture. Make sure that the head, the neck
and the rest of the back are in a straight line.
Watch how the vibration in the larynx and the flow of energy in
the throat can be enhanced by getting as close as possible to a
perfectly vertical posture.
Cultivate stillness.

Meditation phase 2: vibration in the eye
Keep on breathing with the throat friction, but drop the
awareness of the throat. Become aware of the vibration between
the eyebrows.
Connect the vibration in the eye (i.e. between the eyebrows) with
the throat friction.
If you are not too sure of what ‘connecting’ means, just remain
aware of both at the same time: the throat friction, and the
vibration between the eyebrows. Very quickly, it will become clear
that a certain interaction takes place between the throat and the
eye. That is what is meant by connecting.
Phase 2 consists of using the throat friction as an amplifier, to
cultivate and build up the vibration in the eye.
If you have the choice between heavy density and subtle tingling,
rather go for the tingling. Avoid grasping. Keep the experience

Meditation phase 3: light in the eye
Maintain the throat friction. (The eyes remain closed till the end
of the meditation.)


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
Drop the awareness of the vibration. Instead, start looking between
the eyebrows for a fog or a haze, a glow, or any form of light or
colour. All of these can be regarded as different modalities of the
‘light’ which of course, in the context of this book does not refer
to physical light but to spiritual light, perceived with your eyes
Remember, no imagination, no visualisation – just awareness of
what is in front of you.
As soon as you perceive any of these modalities of light (fog, glow,
colour...) even very vaguely, connect it with the throat friction.
Just as in phase 2 you were connecting the friction with the
vibration between the eyebrows, you are now connecting the
friction with the light. Instead of amplifying the vibration, you
are now working at amplifying the light.
As you go on practising you will perceive brighter and brighter
parts of the light. Gradually drop the awareness of the hazier
parts to focus on the most shining ones. Connect your amplifierfriction with the most luminous part of the light.
A common experience is that of tiny shining particles of light,
spread in the space in front of you and drifting in various
directions. As you connect the friction with these luminous
particles, some will enter you and go straight into your heart,
feeding it with a precious energy.

Meditation phase 4: awareness in the space
Remain in the eye, between the eyebrows.
Instead of focussing on the light itself and on its shining particles,
become aware of the background of the light. The darkness or the
purple light at the background of all the colours will give you the
feeling of a space, extending in front of you.
The space may appear purple, dark blue, or even just dark. More
than the colour it is the feeling of expanse that matters.
Just remain aware in the space. Let yourself be absorbed in it.
At this stage the throat friction can be decreased or even dropped.
Start breathing with the friction again if the mind goes
wandering with thoughts.

Meditation phase 5: spinning in the space
Start spinning into the space in front of you, spiralling forwards
and clockwise, as if you were falling forwards into a tunnel.


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
Spin as if you were caught in a vortex.
The vortex is there, in the space, waiting for you. Do not try to
make up a spiralling movement. Rather let yourself be caught by
the vortex and carried by its natural motion.
As you go on spinning, the qualities and colour of the space will
sometimes change, as if you were projected into a completely
different area. Just acknowledge the various feelings and continue
with the vortex.
From time to time, or even constantly if you wish, you may use
the throat friction to amplify the vortex effect.

Drop any awareness of the breath, of the eye, of the space...
Just become aware above the head.
Doing nothing, looking for nothing, being ‘just aware’.
Not even aware of yourself – just aware.
Remain extremely motionless.
Practise the art of losing control.
Let the awareness take over, above the head.

Coming back and finishing the meditation
Become aware again between the eyebrows.
Listen to the sounds outside.
Become aware of your body. Take a few long inhalations.
Take as much time as you wish to come back fully, and then click
the fingers of the right hand and open the eyes.

Tips, Phase 1 (Vibration in the Larynx)
• It does not matter if in the beginning you find it difficult to
separate the physical vibration from the non-physical one. It is
enough to get a vague sense of the vibration, both physical and
non-physical, for the process to follow its course. Anyway, by
trying to be too precise your mind would probably get in the way
and block the process.
All that is related to the vibration will probably become clearer
after reading Chapters 4, 6 and 8 and practising the channel
release techniques.
• In the beginning it may be helpful to place your hand close to
your throat, about 1 inch away, to enhance the feeling of energy
in this area. Later on, this won't be necessary.


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
• For this practice as for any work on the larynx of energy, it is
crucial for the neck to be as vertical as possible.
What obvious differences can one observe between the bodies of
animals and those of human beings? A major one is that the human
spine is vertical while animals live mostly in a horizontal position.
Similarly, while animals have a larynx, it is not vertical. This gives
us a clue about the importance of verticality for the larynx to
achieve its cosmic status in connection with the Spirit. Another
clue can be found by perceiving what happens when you
implement the first phase of the meditation: as soon as you reach
a perfectly vertical position of the neck, a sudden enhancement of
the vibration takes place in your larynx.

Tips, phase 2 (vibration in the eye)
• The larynx of energy acts as an amplifier and a giver of shape.
By connecting the area between the eyebrows with the friction
coming from the throat, you work at building up the third eye.
In terms of experience, the intensification of the vibration in the
eye that takes place as soon as you connect it with the friction
indicates that the action of the larynx is taking place.
• As explained before, the vibration can also be felt as a tingling, a
pressure, a density... This phase works at building the etheric layer
of the third eye.

Tips, phase 3 (light in the eye)
• In the beginning, connecting the light in the eye with the
throat friction just means feeling the two simultaneously. Then it
automatically happens that an exchange takes place between the
two, by which the energy generated by the throat friction is
communicated to the part of your (third) eye that perceives light.
In practice the experience is quite simple: the friction seems to
‘feed’ the light, to make it more tangible and brighter, which is
another example of how the larynx can be used to ‘give shape’.
• Most of the students who think they can't see the light actually
see it but don't recognize it. You have to accept that in the
beginning, the feeling of light may be faint, like a blurry whitish
haze for instance. And yet this faint glow is the first thread. Use
the amplifying effect of the larynx to develop it. Practise,
practise, practise... and the humble glow will turn into an


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
Tips, phase 4 (the space)
• A common experience when reaching perception of the purple
space, is that of an immense feeling of relief in the heart, as if a
huge weight had suddenly been lifted. As soon as you contact the
inner space, your heart feels immensely lighter. Some explanations
for this will be found in section 3.10.

Tips, phase 5 (the vortex)
• The clockwise direction should not be taken as systematic and
compulsory. As always, you have to follow the energy of the
instant, and that may sometimes make you spin backwards and
anticlockwise. Nevertheless, when no particular wind takes you
backwards, it is preferable to move forwards and clockwise.
• The vortex is both a vortex and a tunnel at the same time. It is
preferable not to have fixed expectations as to what it should look
like. Let the perception arise by itself gradually.
• Spinning in the space leads to an elaborated science of the
vortices, through which one can travel far in space and time. This
introduces a form of travelling in which the purpose is not to
project yourself outside your body, but to go so deep inside that
there is nothing left to get out of. The vortex effect that leads
from one space-time to another is used intensively in ISIS, the
Clairvision techniques of regression.
• Approach the vortex with great respect and wonder, as you
would approach an archangel aeons older than you, and it will take
you into extraordinary mysteries.

Thoughts during meditation
If thoughts arise during meditation do not pay attention to them,
just follow the process. You will soon notice that a strong
vibration between the eyebrows tends to quieten the mind and
significantly slow down its continuous flow of thoughts. So no
need to fight mentally against the thoughts. Just don't focus your
attention on them. Each time you get distracted by a thought,
simply go back into the eye and continue the exercise. Persist in
the process, and as the third eye develops, thoughts will
automatically become less and less of a problem. Past a certain level
of development the third eye gives the capacity to get completely
out of the mind and thus out of the thoughts at will.
Often, when the level of thoughts becomes disturbing, one can
quieten them down by intensifying the throat friction, which has


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
the action of reinforcing the vibration in the eye. But remember
that in our meditation, the purpose is not to make the mind silent
– a notoriously hopeless exercise – but to build the third eye.
Once this is achieved, thoughts won't matter any more.
Synopsis of the third eye meditation
Preparation: sitting with your back vertical
1) Throat friction + vibration in the larynx
2) Throat friction + vibration between the eyebrows
3) Throat friction + light between the eyebrows
4) Space
5) Spinning in the space: the vortex
Non-technique: just awareness above the head

Suggested times for each phase:
• For a 30 minute meditation: 5 minutes for each of the 5 phases,
plus 5 minutes above the head.
• For a 60 minute meditation: Phase 1, 5 minutes. Phase 2, 10
minutes. Phase 3, 10 minutes. Phase 4, 10/15 minutes. Phase 5,
15/20 minutes. 5 minutes above the head.
• For a 10 minute meditation: take roughly 2 minutes for each
Do not neglect phase 1, even when short of time, for it is an
essential part of the process.

3.8 More humming/buzzing
This technique uses the humming sound we practised in section 2.4.
Sit with your back straight and become aware in the throat.
Repeat phases 1, 2 and 3 of the third eye meditation, using
humming/buzzing instead of the throat friction.
Then let yourself be immersed in the space, as in phases 4 and 5,
using humming sound from time to time to penetrate deeper into
the space.

• These humming sounds provide a powerful way to project
yourself into the space. Don't hesitate to have recourse to them
whenever you are disturbed by thoughts or mental activities
during your meditation.

3.9 How to organize your practice


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
During the first days of your practice do as much meditation as
you can, repeating the first opening practice (section 3.2), and
using the third eye meditation (3.7), as well as its equivalent with
the humming sounds (3.8) and any other techniques you may pick
up from the rest of the book. This strong initial imprint will
make it easier to follow the rest of the process.
Then a good way to proceed is to spend some time every morning
practising the third eye meditation (3.7) and other exercises. For
instance, meditate for 20 or 30 minutes, then practise the channel
release exercises (Chapters 4, 6 and 8) for 10 minutes, then the
techniques on seeing (Chapters 5 and 7) for 10 minutes, then the
techniques on protection (Chapters 18 and 20) for 10 minutes. Do a
night practice (Chapters 13, 14, 15) every evening before going to
sleep, and possibly in the afternoon or early evening, for instance
if you are tired after coming home from work.
If you have more time it is certainly possible, and beneficial, to
devote longer periods to the exercises. Yet it should be clear that
the Clairvision techniques have been designed for those who live in
the world. They do not invite you to withdraw from your
activities, but to start performing them with a new awareness, as
will be discussed in Chapter 9.
To succeed, the secret is not so much to spend long hours
meditating but to incorporate more and more of these practices
into each of your daily activities. The cornerstone of our method
is to maintain a permanent awareness in the eye (between the
eyebrows) whatever you are doing (apart from sleeping). This does
not refer to the light or the space, which are to be kept for
meditation times. But by permanently keeping an awareness of
some vibration between the eyebrows, you will achieve a double
purpose. On the one hand you will gradually become more present
in your actions, and centred; on the other hand your third eye
will be nurtured by your awareness and develop into a powerful
centre of energy. So all the techniques of this book are to be
regarded as occasions to cultivate a new awareness. The first and
main benefit of our techniques of vision is that to implement
them you have to remain aware and present between the eyebrows.
If you are short of time, you can very well follow the process
indicated in this book by meditating (technique 3.7) only 5 to 10
minutes every morning and incorporating the other practices into
your daily routines. But these 5/10 minutes of morning


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
meditation are essential for the development of your third eye. If
your schedule is such that your practice time is in the evening and
not in the morning, still try to keep the 5/10 minutes of morning
meditation at any cost, for they secure a reconnection of your
eye, which completely modifies your energy for the whole of the
Whatever format you decide to adopt for your practice, remember
that this part of the path has to do with building – subtle body
building. The more you practise, the quicker the building will be

3.10 The mysteries of the space
While practising ISIS, the Clairvision techniques of regression, it is
not uncommon to re-experience the condition of the embryo
during the very first days that follow conception. The foetus can
be felt ‘bathing’ in the purple space. The purple space is all around
it, like a sea. The embryo is very tiny and the space around is felt
to be immense. This space is no different from the purple space
that you perceive in your eye, in the fourth and fifth phases of
the third eye meditation.
To the embryo the space is outside, all around itself. But to us, the
same space is inside. To enter the space we have to withdraw inside
and go through the portal of the third eye. In the Upanishads, a
human being is compared to a city with ten gates. Nine of these
gates lead outside and only one leads inside. The nine external gates
are the two eyes, the two ears, the two nostrils, the mouth, the
anus and the generative organ. The tenth gate is the third eye, or
ājñā-cakra, which does not open into the external world but into
the inner space.
So what was outside for the embryo is now inside for us. During
the embryological processes that build up the foetus, an
internalization of the astral space has taken place. It is a
fascinating reversal, through which the inside becomes the outside
and the outside becomes the inside. And at death the opposite takes
place: the individual reintegrates into the space.
This leads us to a deeper understanding of the word ‘existence’,
used to describe the period of life on Earth. In Latin, ex means
out, and sistere means to take position. Existence therefore means
to take position out, that is, to exit from the space. Existence is
the temporary exit from the space that we experience between
birth and death.


Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye
Now you can understand the feeling of relief in your heart when
you immerse yourself in the purple space during meditation. It is
as if your heart was suddenly relieved of all the pressures of
incarnated life, all the troubles of existence – enough to make you
feel much lighter! One of the results of initiation is to establish a
permanent connection with the space without losing any of one's
anchorage on Earth. One can then enjoy the peace of the cosmic
space and at the same time, remain fully involved in one's daily
activities. Past a certain level, the joyful lightness forever stays in
your heart, whatever may be happening outside.
Yet let it be very clear that the purpose of the Clairvision style of
work is not to take you out of incarnation into some happy-floaty
paradise, but to prepare you for a work of alchemy,
transformation of the very substance of your bodies. The purpose
is enlightenment here and now, in the middle of the cosmic mess
of modern life. Paradoxically, connecting with the space creates an
inner freedom that allows you to be more fully in the world.


Chapter 4 – Channel Release: Let It Flow!

4.1 Channel release
Under the name channel release are grouped a number of
techniques aiming at awakening and cleansing the body of energy,
or etheric body. The etheric energy, or life force, is identical to
the prāṇa of the Indian tradition and the qi of traditional Chinese
medicine. Our first purpose will be to reach a tangible perception
of this energy.
Whilst circulating all over the etheric body, the life force follows
certain lines of energy, called ‘meridians’ in Chinese medicine and
nāḍī in Sanskrit. We will work on some of these, endeavouring to
feel the flow of energy along them.
A more advanced, but essential stage will be to learn to move the
energy consciously in these channels.
As this capacity develops, the student will be able to correct
several health problems. It will become obvious that the proper
functioning of the physical body depends to a great extent on the
right flow and balance of the circulations of the etheric body.
As the etheric body gains in strength through these practices, it
acquires a greater resistance to negative energies. And when an
undesirable energy is perceived in one of the channels, it becomes
possible to expel it consciously, the same way as a pebble can be
moved out of a hose by acting on the flow of water. Such a skill
secures a high level of energetic protection and will prove to be a
great help to all those involved in self-transformation or healing.
At a later stage, inner alchemy deals with the opening of the most
essential of all energy channels, located in the centre of the body.
This central channel ascends from the root of the trunk (the
perineum, between the anus and the external genital organs) to the
top of the head and above. It is the thunderwand, the path of the
serpent-fire of the western esoteric tradition, identical to the
suṣumnā of Kundalini-yoga. One of the purposes of channel release
is to prepare you for the work on this master channel. Channel
release trains you to move the etheric energy consciously.
Therefore, instead of having to ‘imagine’ a flow in the
thunderwand, you will be able to implement a proper circulation


Chapter 4 – Channel Release: Let It Flow!
of energy.

4.2 Connected shaking
Stage 1: shaking
Sit with your back straight, preferably on a mat on the floor,
possibly in a chair.
If on a chair, avoid leaning back against it.
Keep your eyes closed throughout the exercise.
Shake your hands quickly and vigorously for 10 to 20 seconds.

Connected shaking
Then remain motionless with your palms upwards. To achieve
maximum effect, avoid resting your hands on your knees or the
arms of a chair (see next figure).
Become aware of the vibration in your hands.

Stage 2: vibration in the eye, vibration in the hands
Repeat stage 1: shake your hands, then
become motionless with the palms
Become aware of the vibration in the
Become aware of the vibration in the eye
(between the eyebrows.)
Focus for a few seconds on the vibration
in the eye. Then become aware again of
the vibration in the hands for a few
seconds. Then, vibration in the eye again...
Go from one to the other several times.


Chapter 4 – Channel Release: Let It Flow!
Then become aware of the vibration between the eyebrows and in
the hands at the same time.

Stage 3: friction
Repeat stage 1: shake your hands for 10 to 20 seconds. Then remain
motionless with your eyes closed, palms upwards. Become aware of
the vibration in the eye and in the hands at the same time. Remain
in this perception for 1 minute.
Then start breathing with the throat friction, as described in
Chapter 2. Connect the friction with the vibration in both the eye
and the hands. Continue the practice for 1 or 2 minutes. Watch
the quality of the vibration change.

• A whole range of experiences can result from this practice. An
essential point is to realise that a modification, in both the hands
and the eye, occurs as soon as you start the friction. The vibration
becomes more intense, more tangible, and at the same time its
quality becomes more subtle.
• The throat friction not only intensifies the vibration, it also
helps connect the eye with the centres of energy in the palms of
the hands. A triangle of energy can often be felt, linking the eye
and the palms.

Stage 4: connecting
Shake the hands for a few seconds. Then remain motionless with
your palms upwards.
Feel the vibration in the eye and the vibration in the hands.
Start breathing with the throat friction. Connect the friction
with the vibration in the eye and the hands. Watch the changes in
the vibration that automatically take place due to the friction.
Then try to feel the connection between the hands and the eye.
Use the throat friction to amplify this connection.
What exactly can you feel between your hands and your eye?
Apart from feeling, can you ‘see’ anything (with your eyes closed)?
How does the energy in your hands change as you intensify the
connection with your eye?

Tips and traps
• The perception of energy linkage between eye and hands is often
accompanied by the perception of a triangle of light. At a more


Chapter 4 – Channel Release: Let It Flow!
advanced stage of the training, this triangle of light will play an
important role in certain key practices of inner alchemy.
• Please remember our basic rule: no imagination, no visualisation.
Flow with what comes. Develop what you have, don't make
anything up. If you can only feel a slight tingling in your hands,
work at developing it with the friction and by regularly
implementing the other techniques of the book.
• As you go on practising this exercise and the following ones, it
will appear that they create a gradual refinement of what flows`
into your hands. The more the vibration in the hands is connected
with the awareness in the eye, the more it will become subtle and
endowed with healing qualities. This is a first step in the
development of the hands of a healer.

4.3 Connected rubbing
Sit with your back straight.
Vigorously rub your hands together for up to 20 seconds, or more.
Remain motionless with your palms upwards. Spend a few seconds
observing the quality of vibration in your hands and in your eye.
Then start breathing with the throat friction. Connect it to the
vibration in your hands and in your eye. Be aware of the subtle
changes that take place in the vibration of the hands due to the
Connect the vibration in the eye with the vibration in the palms.
Use the throat friction to intensify this connection. Sense the
vibration in the hands becoming more and more refined.

• Apart from the work on perception, those who are involved in
massage or any form of healing with hands will benefit from
implementing this exercise at the beginning of their sessions.
• While practising channel release, always pay attention to the
fact that the quality of energy that flows through your hands
depends on the quality of the vibration in your eye, and on the
connection between the two. The more subtle the vibration in your
eye, the more refined the energy flowing in your hands. A
powerful modality of healing, both for yourself and for your
clients, consists of tuning into the highest quality of vibration in
your eye and transmitting it through your hands.


Chapter 4 – Channel Release: Let It Flow!

4.4 Vibration = etheric
Fundamentally, the etheric is the layer of the vibration: whenever
you feel the vibration, you feel the etheric. This statement is too
simple to be completely true, and later on you may discern certain
etheric frequencies of light or astral vibration. But in the
beginning, the equation: ‘vibration = etheric’ constitutes an
excellent reference to make sense of your experiences. For
instance, feeling vibration in your hands indicates that the etheric
life force is set in motion in the hands. Feeling vibration between
the eyebrows indicates that the etheric layer of the third eye is
activated... and s